Education and Training Services

Education Experts focus is to continue to use industry standards to make the education and training  of all clients top priorities.


Administration and Management Services

Business Experts focus is on cost-effective, exceptional performances for clients by researching clients' challenging conditions and customizing effective  administration and management  solutions.


The Multi-Services

The consortium of experts offers cost-reduction and efficiency-increased solutions through a multi-service, multi-dimensional, and strategic approach drawn from Ailati Corp’s rich mix of resources and experts in their respective fields for over two decades, thereby, exceeding expectations

Areas of Services

  • Internet sites •Software development •Logistics support services •Scientific and technical consulting

    •Web hosting •Data processing, hosting and related services •Communication equipment repair and maintenance

    •Scientific research and development in the social sciences and humanities •Program assessment and evaluation

    •Education support services •Therapeutic Behavior Services •Domain name services

    •Advocating social causes Grant making services •Giving services




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